Navarre man charged with molesting two young children

Posted on May 15, 2017 by Mat Pellegrino

A Navarre man was put behind bars at Santa Rosa County Jail last Thursday after two children came forward to law enforcement alleging they were sexually assaulted by the suspect several years ago.
The suspect, 46-year-old Glen Copeland, of the 8600 block of Navarre Parkway, was charged with two counts of Lewd and Lascivious Behavior on a Victim who is Less than 12 Years of Age and one count of Sexual Assault on a Victim Under 12 Years of Age. The former Cubmaster of Cub Scout Pack 104 of Navarre remains behind bars with a $300,000 bond.
According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, the Santa Rosa Kids House in Milton conducted an interview back in late March on one of the victims, a juvenile male, who was around “5 or 6 year” of age when the alleged abuse happened.
When the boy was interviewed by investigators, he stated that he was staying at Copeland’s house and that Copeland often touched him in “places he didn’t want to be touched in”. The male victim alleged that Copeland would often tuck him into bed and inappropriately touch him on his genitals and asked the victim “How does it feel?”, according to the arrest report.
The male victim said at first Copeland would only touch his genitals above his clothes, but later started touching the victim underneath his clothing.
The victim also told authorities that Copeland would often “touch him” with his genitals.
According to the report, the abuse later got worse and Copeland tried to perform anal sex on the male victim and the victim stated that he told Copeland “it hurt and that he didn’t want to do that” and that Copeland stopped. But not long after stopping, the victim said Copeland started to bribe the boy into doing it by offering money or gifts, the report indicated. According to the report, Copeland also told the boy that the act would “eventually feel better”.
The arrest report stated that Copeland later talked to the boy and told him that “when he was a kid, he did that stuff” and told the victim “he wanted him to be like him”.
The male victim also alleged that Copeland would force him to perform sexual acts on him by pushing his head down to the suspect’s genitals. The victim told authorities that he didn’t like doing it, but that Copeland was “bigger and stronger” than he was.
According to the report, after the male victim’s guardian heard about the abuse, she confronted Copeland at his residence and asked him if the allegations were true. The report indicated that when confronted, Copeland did not deny the actions and became “teary”. He also told the woman he “was sorry”.
The female victim was also interviewed at the Santa Rosa Kids House in Milton in late March and alleged that Copeland sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions when the suspect was supposed to be watching her while her parents were on a cruise in 2011. The alleged abuse happened when she was around 9 years of age, according to the report.
The female alleged that while she was staying with Copeland, she was getting out of the shower with a towel on and Copeland asked her if he could “have a peek”.
She then told investigators that Copeland would tuck her in at night and rub her genitals with skin-to-skin contact. The victim said she told Copeland it hurt and that he replied with “I guess you’re not ready for that”, the report stated.
The female victim also alleged that another incident took place during the week-long stay where she and Copeland were watching a movie and Copeland allegedly pushed her back on his bed and told the female victim to “take her pants off”. According to the victim, Copeland told her that “I don’t want to scare you” and that the victim told Copeland she was scared, so nothing happened.
Two other incidents occurred during the stay as well where Copeland allegedly touched the female’s genitals, but both times, the child asked Copeland to stop, the report stated.
Copeland was later contacted by investigators and he told law enforcement that he was consulting with an attorney and the attorney later contacted authorities.
A warrant was later drawn out for Copeland’s arrest and he was booked into Santa Rosa County Jail last Thursday at 10:38 p.m. He remains behind bars as of press time.
According to the Santa Rosa County Jail View website, Copeland, who is the owner of Florida Surplus Auctions of Navarre, has no prior arrests in Santa Rosa County.