Victim: I was robbed during meth deal

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Mat Pellegrino

A Miramar Beach resident was slapped with a Robbery charge after a man called police alleging he was robbed by the suspect while the two attempted to purchase and smoke methamphetamine at a home in Navarre.
The suspect, 44-year-old James Rohn, was slapped with the Robbery charge following the allegations and put behind bars at Santa Rosa County Jail on Monday.
According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, a deputy responded to an area in Navarre on Monday in reference to an armed disturbance.
When he arrived at the location, he spoke with the victim who admitted that earlier that day, he agreed to go with his friend, Rohn, to a residence on Crittenden Drive in Navarre to “smoke some methamphetamine”, the report stated.
The victim admitted that while he was at the residence, he offered $20 to purchase a quarter of a gram of meth. But he told the deputy that Rohn wanted to buy a full gram of meth and that he disagreed with the suspect. That’s when he said his friend became “hostile” and began punching him in his face and chest, the report stated. The victim claimed he pushed the suspect away from him, and that’s when Rohn allegedly brandished what appeared to be a stainless steel .357 magnum handgun and pointed it at the victim, the report stated.
The report indicated that while pointing the gun at the victim, Rohn demanded the victim to give him all of the money he had on him. The victim claimed he was “scared for his life”, so he took $70 out of his pocket and gave it to Rohn, according to the report.
The victim said he was then told by the suspect to leave the residence, so he fled on foot.
The officer later made contact with the suspect who openly admitted that he and another individual picked the victim up and traveled to the home on Crittenden Drive to smoke meth, the report stated.
The suspect claimed that the victim owed him $20 and that they had a deal that if the victim paid him back the $20, he would let him stay with at a residence with him. The suspect stated that the victim gave him the $20, but that he told him to leave anyways, according to the suspect’s account in the arrest report. At that point in time, the Rohn said the victim “got angry” and “punched (him) in the face”, the report stated. At that point the report indicated that the two got into a scuffle and the victim allegedly left the property.
The deputy asked Rohn if he ever brandished a handgun to rob the victim, and the suspect denied ever doing so. When asked about the .357 magnum, the suspect stated that the gun the victim was referring to was a stainless steel CO2 pistol that shot BB’s, the report stated.
He later showed the deputy the CO2 gun, and it was noted that it was what the suspect told him it was, and that it only appeared to be a .357 magnum.
Based on the victim’s accounts of what happened, the deputy placed Rohn under arrest and charged him with Robbery (unarmed).
Rohn remains behind bars as of press time with $25,000 bond.