• Santa Rosa crime rate drops 3.1 percent

    Governor Rick Scott today announced that Florida’s crime rate is now at a 47-year low. The 2017 Annual Crime Report data also shows a 3.1 percent drop in Santa Rosa County’s crime rates.   “I’m very proud that although our population increase,  crime decrease due to the hard work of all our deputy sheriffs that we … read more

  • Governor urges Floridians to prepare for possible flooding, significant rain

    Graphic by, depicting 24-hour predicted precipitation for Sunday through Monday  Today, Governor Rick Scott urged Floridians to prepare for significant rain and possible flooding as the state continues to monitor the development of a weather system in the Caribbean Sea. In anticipation of heavy rain and flooding across Gulf Coast communities this week, Governor … read more

  • Potential Tropical Depression could bring heavy rain and flooding

    Graphic by A slow-moving, low-pressure system expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico later this week has been upgraded to Invest 90-L. “When you go to a numbered invest, several resources kick in, including special tropical model runs, increase satellite surveillance, ‘spaghetti’ plot maps and possible AF recon missions,” stated Meteorologist Rich Thomas, who … read more