• Sheriff Johnson Creates Foundation to Support Community and Employees

    Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson has established a foundation aimted to provide support to employees of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office community engagement, charitable organizations within Santa Rosa County, and charitable organizations whose purpose is to support First Responders and their families. The SRSO Star Foundation has a … read more

  • SANTA ROSA INSIDER – Liberal PNJ Continues Attacks on Conservative Leadership

    Bear with me to unpack this… Yesterday’s Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners meeting had inspiring presentations, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of United Way of West Florida and creating awareness of FoodRaising Friends. But instead of covering either of those worthy causes, Pensacola News Journal’s takeaway from the meeting was taking issue over a 48-second … read more

  • Andrade’s Defamation Bill Heads to House Floor for Vote

    Florida House District 2 Representative Alex Andrade on Wednesday appeared before the House Judiciary Committee, which in a 14-7 vote approved an amended version of legislation he sponsored aimed to make it easier for elected officials to sue media outlets for defamation. House Bill 757 is now headed to the House floor for a vote … read more

  • SANTA ROSA INSIDER: Santa Rosa’s REC has become “Congress of Unelectables”

    REC Member Sherry Chapman’s frequent criticism against local Republican leaders is often used by a Democratic activist who makes videos shared via social media. Pervasive bitterness, anger and negativity runs amok within the ranks of the Santa Rosa County Republican Executive Committee (REC). I’ve been a registered Republican since becoming old enough to vote, and … read more

  • SANTA ROSA INSIDER: Was Collins aiming for consultant work?

    More revelations are coming out of City Hall during the final week of work for outgoing City Manager Scott Collins… Come to find out, Collins and his wife already have a consulting firm up and running. But Collins may have been a bit premature in talking to others about doing consultant work after leaving … read more

  • SANTA ROSA INSIDER: City Hall Shocker

    You’ll never believe who reportedly supported building the City of Milton’s future new wastewater treatment plant at the East Milton location…well, according to multiple sources at City Hall, Jerry Mitchell supported it back when he served on an appointed city committee. Since Mitchell’s current wife, Pam, lost her 2018 campaign for city council, they’ve seemingly … read more

  • Milton Mayor’s “Political” Complaint Dismissed, Questioned by Council Members

    Milton Mayor Heather Lindsay on January 30 lodged a complaint with the Florida Bar against City Attorney Alex Andrade. However, days later her complaint on behalf of the City of Milton was closed after it was deemed “political” and outside the organization’s scope. “Everything she does is political,” said Councilwoman Shari Sebastiao. “I think she … read more