Midway Water Sampling Homes in Red Zone

Posted on October 25, 2021 by Romi White

Midway Water System General Manager Brenda Agricola has announced the utility will be taking water samples from inside homes today. She’s also provided a list of allowable and disallowable reimbursements and announced the utility is now able to resume repairs through two plumbing contractors.

“We need to get as many homes possible done in the shortest amount of time,” she said. “We asks that homeowners please let us get in and out so that samples can get to the lab as quickly as possible.”

According to Agricola, MWS sampled water inside 46 homes and all passed.

Per MWS, 360 homes still need sampling. 

The boil notice was issued for all Midway residents between 4115 Soundside Drive and 5012 Soundside Drive, including Natures Cove and The Waters subdivisions and all adjacent streets. Submitted graphic.

Additionally, Agricola announced a list of allowable and disallowable reimbursements related to the September 21 incident in which service started at a home where a contractor had previously and erroneously cross connected into MWS’ water main.

Allowable reimbursement items include plumber costs and items below that are damaged beyond repair due to clogging:

  • Faucets
  • Shower heads
  • Dishwasher filters
  • Washing machine filters
  • Refrigerator filters
  • Icemaker tubing and filters

Disallowable expenses at this time: 

  • Hotels, unless approved
  • Major appliances unless approved and damaged beyond repair due to clogging
  • Disinfecting of service lines unless approved

Moving forward, two plumbing companies contracted by Midway Water System (Certified Plumbing and Boyd Plumbing) will be capable of handling demand. If you have scheduled service from a different company at this time, please contact Midway Water for approval via (850) 932-5188