Local utility launches safety program

Posted on January 7, 2019 by Staff reports

Holley-Navarre Water System (HNWS), Inc. has completed the  launch and implementation of its overhauled, system-wide safety program, following a comprehensive safety audit by Safety Management Group (SMG).

According to a press release distributed today, the initiative began early in 2018 following the commitment by HNWS Board of Directors, leadership and team members to make the system one of the safest water and wastewater service utility providers in the country. Early additions to the program included the training of on-staff safety coaches, monthly and quarterly safety trainings for team members and guest speakers on topics such as active shooters, workplace safe driving practices, fire safety and first aid/CPR.

The SMG audit was noted as the cornerstone for the new plan and included recommendations for local, state and federal regulation compliance and features the development of emergency action plans, new training protocols for team members and production of  department-specific safety manuals.

“We realized we needed to have a structured safety program not only for our employees but also for those who live in our community. These changes help reduce risks which will help keep our member’s rates low. Moving forward, we can only be the best stewards possible in the community if our commitment to creating a safer water system through diligence and innovation remains strong.” stated HNWS Board President, William Goulet.

Holley-Navarre Water System, Inc. is a member-owned, not-for-profit corporation originally chartered  in 1970. HNWS provides water and wastewater treatment to over 15,000 members in the Navarre area and includes The Club at Hidden Creek golf course and Municipal Engineering Services, Inc.