“Beast of Burden Challenge” comes to Gulf Coast Food Bank

Posted on March 25, 2019 by Staff reports

Jess Kurti is a woman on a mission. She is in the home stretch of her “Beast of Burden Challenge”, a hunger fighting initiative consisting of completing 100 marathons and volunteering at all 200 Feeding America member food banks. To date, Kurti has completed 100 marathons and volunteered at 193 food banks.

“My goal is to volunteer at every food bank in the Feeding America network nationwide,” says Kurti. “My mission is to raise awareness of our nation’s food banks and their fight against hunger and poverty, which I call the ‘Beast of Burden Challenge.’ An additional goal is to run 100 marathons along the way. My primary focus is to educate and engage the public, not only about the existence and importance of Feeding America’s network of food banks, but also how small contributions by each of us can make a tremendous difference in ending hunger,” she continued.

Kurti found her passion for fighting hunger in 2012 while volunteering at a Florida food bank. In 2014, she decided she wanted to bring more awareness to hunger in our country by volunteering at all 200 Feeding America member food banks. She combined this with another goal of hers, completing 100 marathons. Kurti calls this the “Beast of Burden Challenge.”

“We are excited to have Jess volunteering with us on March 25 and 26,” says Cathy Pope, President and CEO of Feeding the Gulf Coast. “Her passion for bringing awareness to the issues of hunger in our country is inspiring and we are honored to be a part of her journey.”