Billory Bell:  The Call to Worship

Posted on September 2, 2020 by Bobbie Broxson

Photo courtesy Frank Hardy Collection


Billory’s bell is never far away from the minds of the people of Holley who once heard her throughout the woods, rivers, and creeks of Holley-Navarre on Sunday mornings so long ago.  She was a reminder that it was time to come and worship our Lord; a time to gather with our family and family of believers that so reverently loved to honor our Lord.  The memory of her sound still rings out loud and clear in the hearts and minds of all the children that grew up hearing it.  That glorious sound will never cease its ringing in the hearts of so many of the ones that will hold that memory as long as they have a breath of air left to breathe.

It’s like when God puts a song in your heart.  It is always with you no matter where you go.  The sound is just a little bit of Heaven to our ears and it gives us a sound that goes with us each day of our lives and gives us a closeness with our Lord.  We remember that the bell rang out for all those who were in hearing distance to come and worship.  Truly we will never forget the sound that will go with us always; a sound that can never be replaced in our hearts by any other sound.  A treasure for sure!

We have finally located the bell.  It has been with a family of believers for many, many years and they would like for the bell to come home near to where it began so many years ago (dating back to 1892) at Billory Baptist Church.  The owner would like to make its final resting place in the cemetery at Billory Baptist Church and make a nice platform for the bell that was treasured by so many followers of Jesus Christ.  But, due to insurance regulations, this may not be possible.

The Billory bell was treasured by so many and this is the final resting place of all their family and friends who heard the sound of this glorious sounding bell.  Sure hope the bell gets back home!