• LETTER TO EDITOR: Keep Opportunistic, Untrustworthy People Out of Office

    Dear Editor, I already did not support Aaron Dimmock for Congress because our current representative, Matt Gaetz, is doing a fantastic job fighting for us in Washington, D.C. Dimmock’s support for the left-wing “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) agenda is also a non-negotiable red flag. But when I read a story published in the South … read more

  • Gaetz Opponent DEI Dimmock’s First Fundraiser Hosted By Disgraced Former Santa Rosa County Administrator

    Missouri resident Aaron Dimmock, who is challenging incumbent Congressman Matt Gaetz for his seat representing FL-01, is holding a June 6 private fundraiser, which is also his first campaign event in Northwest Florida. The fundraiser, however, is beginning to raise eyebrows due to the individual Dimmock has chosen to host the event: disgraced former Santa … read more

  • Santa Rosa INSIDER: Rudman Punished for Pushing Liberal Agenda

    Rudman shared a photo of himself cozied up with Democrat Hillary Cassell Current Florida House District 3 Representative Joel Rudman has been actively working with Democrats to expand Medicaid in Florida, and it could end up costing him his seat. Rudman has only been able to get 4 of 14 sponsored bills passed, and he’s … read more