Broxson urges blood donations to fight COVID-19

Posted on July 29, 2020 by Romi White

Senator Doug Broxson is seeking public help and making rounds at local government meetings, calling on area leaders, to encourage blood donations after the FDA approved experimental treatment allowing those who have fully recovered from COVID-19 and possess antibodies to share plasma with patients battling life-threatening Coronavirus infections.

“Together we can help fight this war that is COVID-19,” said Broxson. “I encourage all who are able to join me in signing (a) pledge to donate blood every 60 days during the pandemic.”

Broxson since July 16 has been busy addressing the Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners, City of Milton, Escambia County Board of County Commissioners and others, seeking assistance promoting blood donations.

Senator Broxson and Escambia County Commission Chairman Steven Barry donated blood Tuesday on the OneBlood Big Red Bus. Broxson has pledged to give blood every 60 days during the pandemic, and he’s asking others to also make the pledge. The Greater Navarre Area Chamber of Commerce from 12 noon until 6 p.m., on Monday August 3 will host the Big Red Bus at Winn-Dixie, located at 8674 Navarre Parkway.

According to nonprofit OneBlood, convalescent plasma collected from those who have recovered from Coronavirus has antibodies to the virus which remain in the plasma portion of their blood. Transfusing the plasma that contains the antibodies into a person still fighting the virus can provide a boost to the patient’s immune system and potentially help them recover.

The experimental treatment was approved by the FDA to be used on an emergency basis called COVID-19 convalescent plasma. Critically ill patients who meet the FDA criteria to receive the therapy can be treated for life-threatening COVID-19.

Donating blood takes about one hour, and one pint of blood can save up to three lives of patients, per OneBlood.

The Greater Navarre Area Chamber of Commerce from 12 noon until 6 p.m. on Monday August 3 will host OneBlood’s Big Red Bus at Winn-Dixie, located at 8674 Navarre Parkway.

“I’m thankful Senator Broxson is drawing attention to this matter, and we hope our blood drive will help save lives,” said Chamber CEO Tracy Bragg, pointing out that donors will receive a COVID-19 antibody test plus a wellness checkup, including blood pressure, temperature, iron count, pulse and cholesterol screening. Additionally, they will also receive a free OneBlood tote bag.

There are some requirements to donate blood and plasma to OneBlood. Donors must bring identification and be:
• at least 110 pounds
• at least 16 years of age
• in good health
• free of allergy, flu, cold and nausea symptoms for at least three days
• be well-hydrated and eat a healthy meal within four hours before donating

OneBlood is testing all blood donations for the COVID-19 antibody. The antibody test is authorized by the FDA and will indicate if the donor’s immune system has produced antibodies to the virus, regardless of whether they ever showed symptoms.

In addition to the Big Red Bus, OneBlood has multiple donation centers. However, appointments are required to donate. For more information visit