Builder Blaine Flynn Pays Past Due Lunch Debt for All Santa Rosa Students

Posted on June 3, 2021 by Romi White

Growing up in Northwest Florida, Blaine Flynn, owner & CEO of Flynn Built, came from a humble family that instilled in him not only a strong work ethic and drive to be successful but also a passion for giving back to the community.

Toward that end, during this morning’s Santa Rosa County School Board meeting he presented the school district with a check for $1,828.53 – enough to cover all overdue lunch debt for students.

Many families have faced financial difficulties due to the pandemic, and Flynn said he wanted to do something to relieve some of the added stress on those families.

Flynn resides in Santa Rosa County and feels blessed to be in a position to be able give back to the families whom he says make this community such a wonderful place to live in.

**the donation covers “overdue debt” and not free lunches which were offered during the COVID-19 pandemic