City of Gulf Breeze shares post-Nate damage assessment

Posted on October 8, 2017 by Staff reports

•Hospital traffic light down at Daniel and Gulf Breeze Parkway; lights in vicinity were inoperable and now under repair.
•Standing water in the 520 block of Deer Point Drive, the west end of Soundview Trail, and also the Montrose cul-de-sac.
•Traffic light behind the school on Daniel Drive was down and has now been repaired.
•Wires down at 73 Shoreline (Cut by 824).
•Tree down at 800 Bay Cliffs Road.
•Street sign down at 399/Soundview Trail.
•Gulf Coast Inn and Bahama Bay Condos lost power.
•Shoreline Park South will remain closed until Monday. Sections of pier washed out and will require repair. Also, decking on boat launches washed out and will need repair.
•Vista Park, a section of base material under the parking lot has washed out and will require repair. Decking on boat launches also washed out and will require repair.
•So far, reports of one residential pier washed away.