Commissioner Eddington Achieves Advanced County Commissioner Designation

Posted on July 8, 2024 by Staff reports

Santa Rosa County Commissioner Ray Eddington was presented with the Advanced County Commissioner Level I (ACC I) designation from the Institute for County Government (ICG) at an award ceremony held at the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) Annual Conference and Educational Exhibition in Orange County, Florida. 

The ACC I designation is the first level of leadership achievement in the Advanced County Commissioner Program offered by ICG and signifies the completion of 27 hours of coursework.

“I attended the advanced course of FAC and have enjoyed all of them,” said Commissioner Ray Eddington, District 4. “I have learned so much from the classes and have met so many other commissioners from Florida with whom I have interacted during classes. I have learned a lot about what they do in other counties and I feel that learning from their experiences helps me in what I do for Santa Rosa County.” 

ACC I is a voluntary program designed to provide county commissioners with resources to enhance their ability to serve their local communities. The program consists of core education courses, such as growth management, financial management, and ethics, as well as elective courses such as affordable housing, emergency management, and resiliency.

“The ACC courses help prepare a commissioner for the complex challenges they will face during their time in office,” stated Eric Poole, Executive Director of ICG. “By striving to earn this designation and completing the coursework involved, they exemplify great leadership and a commitment to bettering their community.” 

The ACC I education program was launched in 2006 and commissioners must fully commit to the coursework to graduate from the program. Participants are challenged to act, think and lead during times of uncertainty and adversity. Alongside Commissioner Eddington, twelve commissioners earned the ACC I designation at the award ceremony.

ACC I is made possible through a continuing partnership with the University of Florida/IFAS Extension.

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