County Pauses Approval for Additional Vendor Trucks on Navarre Beach

Posted on June 13, 2023 by Staff reports

There are existing truck/trailer vendors at both properties displayed in the graphic. The new requests seek to put additional truck/trailer vendors at the sites.

Santa Rosa County has delayed approval of two applications for vendor trucks on Navarre Beach in order to review site plans. Both requests seek to add additional vendor trucks on parcels which already have vendor trucks.

Pursuant to the 2021 update to the county’s Land Development Code, the county’s Planning and Zoning Director reviews applications for multiple vendors on the same parcel as well as itinerant vendors.

Planning and Zoning Director Shawn Ward says his department has been engaged with discussions with both applicants over the last week.

“We have not approved any vendors and their reference to multiple vendors already onsite has prompted us to halt any approvals until we have site plan and know exactly what is going on first prior to any reviews/approvals,” Ward said.

The requests for multiple vendor trucks include:

  • Andy D’s Food of Navarre, LLC is seeking to set up another food vending trailer on the east side of a restaurant facility subleased from Palms of Navarre, LLC, which leases from Santa Rosa County. The site is located at the intersection of Gulf Boulevard and Navarre Beach Causeway. The request is on behalf of applicant Mitch Stevenson, who would like to park his PinaCoCo truck/trailer on the site. Per the Santa Rosa County Clerk of Court, the parcel’s calculations include an ice cream truck vendor, which is located in the parking lot on the west side of the restaurant. 
  • Fannies Boutique is aiming to set up a vending trailer in the parking lot of 8228 Gulf Boulevard, which Holi Corp leases from Santa Rosa County. There is an existing vendor, Sage Rentals, utilizing the site.

Per the LDC, sites proposed for such must:

  • have limited proximity to existing residential uses;
  • have existing access to a major thoroughfare; and
  • the scale, intensity, and operation of the use shall not generate unreasonable noise, traffic, congestion or other potential nuisances or hazards to surrounding properties.

The county commission, per the LDC, doesn’t review applications for multiple or itinerant vendors.