Court Documents Reveal Milton Mayor Utilizes “Super Secret Email” Account

Posted on May 23, 2024 by Romi White

Last week Milton Mayor Heather Lindsay attended the Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly leadership class, touring several sites from Jay to Bagdad. Santa Rosa Creek Band of the Lower Muscogee photo. 

Milton Councilman Casey Powell, acting Mayor Pro Tem, was recently added to the City’s bank account in order to sign checks during the continued absence of Mayor Heather Lindsay, who has missed multiple City meetings – despite continuing to participate in other activities.

Lindsay is reported to be on medical leave from her day job, working as an assistant city attorney for the City of Pensacola.

Meanwhile, the City of Milton filed a May 15 lawsuit, attempting to compel Lindsay’s compliance with Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law and Public Records Act, following her failure to produce requested records.

Subsequently, court documentation shows Lindsay admitted to a state investigator that she utilitzes what she described as a “super secret email” address. That admission surfaced during an investigation involving Councilman Mike Cusack, who was ultimately fined $1,500 for an ethics violation.

Santa Rosa County Clerk of Court records reveal this week the City filed additional documents, a Notice of Service of Interrogatories and Requests for Admissions, which include dozens of questions for Lindsay to answer, including inquiries about her personal email and cell phone usage.

Some of the questions to which Lindsay has been asked to respond include but are not limited to: 

  • The identities of persons who knew, prior to submission, of her January 30 Bar Complaint on the City’s behalf, which took place without Council approval;
  • Whether or not she used her private email adress to share information or discuss activities about the City;
  • Whether or not she forwarded a record to certain persons but did not forward the record requested by other(s);
  • How she retains text messages on her personal cell phone and email and any legal basis for exemptions to disclosure;
  • Whether or not she has deleted text communication with the following persons:
    • former City Clerk Molinero;
    • former City Manager Scott Collins;
    • Attorney Matthew Hargraves;
    • Pam Mitchell;
    • Lauren Cooper-Odgers;
    • Mike Cusack;
    • Councilwoman Marilyn Farrow;
    • David Farrow;
    • Chance Johnmeyer;
    • Renee Johnmeyer;
    • Theresa Messick;
    • Jimmy Messick;
    • Sherry Chapman;
    • Robert Leek;
    • Tom Powers;
    • Joy Powers.

Lindsay pictured May 16 with felllow members of Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce’s leadership class. The class started off in Jay and visited venues in the north and central parts of the county, including the Santa Rosa Creek Band of the Lower Muscogee’s facility, where the group posed for this photo.