Eagles outscore Raiders, 4-3

Posted on May 4, 2017 by From Staff Reports

The Niceville High School Eagles were able to secure a 4-3 win over the Navarre Raiders back on April 21 thanks to a solid first inning where they scored all of their points consecutively to keep the Raiders on their toes the remainder of the game.
Before they even had a chance to get a second out at the top of the first, Niceville put two runs on the board for their team and had first and second loaded thanks to a number of sluggers down the middle of the field by the back fence line. The balls sent Raiders scrambling and Eagles flocking from base to base as they started out the game.
Thanks to a hit from Niceville’s Trent Walker and Noah Bailey, the Eagles were able to secure two more runs for their team after their two prior runs earlier on at the top of the first inning. With only one out still on the board, the Eagles had a solid 3-0 lead early in the first inning with Eagles on two Navarre bases.
Despite getting 4 on the board early on in the first, the Raiders looked to end the running streak. With another Eagle up to bat, a ball allowed Walker to sneak from third to home, putting the score at 4-0 at the top of the first.
Following the run, an Eagle fly ball helped the Raiders finally snag a third out on the Eagles, putting them up to bat at the bottom of the first.
Despite the early lead, the four points the Eagles scored in the first inning would be the only points they would put on the board the entire game. The strong lead kept the Eagles in the game, though, up through the very last inning as the Raiders were only able to scrounge up 3 runs.
The loss put the Raider season at 9-12 overall and 2-4 in the district.