Ethics Commission Dismisses Democrat-led Complaints Against Calkins

Posted on August 4, 2023 by Romi White

Calkins, a staunch Republican, is known for pro-life and 2A advocacy

The Santa Rosa County Democratic Executive Committee had encouraged citizens to file complaints against Santa Rosa County District 3 Commissioner James Calkins over comments he made against replacing a Republican with a Democrat on a county advisory committee. However, the Florida Ethics Commission on July 28 dismissed all 20 of those complaints.

“I was not the least bit concerned with the complaints filed by this group of Democrats who were encouraging the attacks against for me speaking the simple truths. In fact, that’s what we have come to expect from the Democratic Party,” Calkins told South Santa Rosa News in an exclusive interview.

The complaints were submitted after Calkins opposed a motion by District 2 Commissioner Kerry Smith, who replaced a long-time volunteer on the Santa Rosa County Marine Advisory Council, Captain Pasco Gibson, a Republican who was serving as MAC chairman at the time, with Shana Alford, a Demcrat.

“I will not vote for a Democrat to be appointed on any board in Santa Rosa County,” Calkins had stated at the time. “We have a lot of Republicans qualified to serve in this position and I absolutely cannot support a Democrat.” Calkins went on to describe the Democratic Party as “evil” for its stance on abortion.

The Ethics Commission findings for each of the submitted complaints state: “The complaint does not detail any corrupt acts that occurred through any act or omission in a public position.”