FDOT expects Pensacola Bridge to be closed for “extended period” of time

Posted on September 21, 2020 by Staff reports


In response to Hurricane Sally, FDOT deployed teams consisting of more than 150 people to assist with cut and toss and bridge inspections. Cut and toss efforts are complete and the majority of the bridge inspections are as well. FDOT continues to work with its local partners to conduct bridge inspections on local roadways.

FDOT anticipates debris removal efforts in the region will be concluded later this week.

FDOT is also monitoring traffic signals and working with utility partners to ensure traffic signals are operational until power is restored.

Updates regarding the Pensacola Bay Bridge:

FDOT’s statewide team of bridge experts is currently inspecting all portions of the Pensacola Bay Bridge, including the substructure that is located underwater. These efforts are being done as quickly, but thoroughly, as possible.

Preliminarily, experts have noted at least five of the bridge’s 105 spans are irreparable and will have to be reconstructed. Other spans also have varying degrees of damage and experts are still determining the extent and repair plan.

Upon completion of the damage assessments, FDOT will first have to shore the structure so crews can safely work and begin demolition of the irreparable areas. Concurrently, FDOT will work to reconstruct the spans that need to be replaced and complete repairs that must be done before re-opening the bridge to traffic.

Minor repairs that can be done while the bridge is open will be addressed and prioritized accordingly.

At this time, FDOT estimates the bridge will be closed to traffic for an extended period of time.

A more specific estimate and impacts to the current construction schedule will be known once the full assessment and repair plan are determined. Once the situation is fully assessed, and damages are fully understood, appropriate parties will be held responsible for the repairs.

Motorists should continue to use all available detour routes, which include the Garcon Point Bridge and State Road 87 (see map below). At this time, tolls on the Garcon Point Bridge have been suspended through 6 a.m., September 23.

Details on the detour routes, including graphics, FAQs, and regular updates can be found online at http://fdot.gov/PensacolaBay. Members of the public wishing to receive these updates can choose to subscribe by providing their email address on this website as well.

FDOT understands the contractor has dispatched a community outreach team and insurance claim specialists to assist impacted property owners. The contractor has asked property owners impacted by Skanska’s barges or other equipment during Hurricane Sally to contact them at pensacola@skanska.com.