Girlfriend shoved from moving vehicle on U.S. 98

Posted on October 14, 2019 by Staff reports

A Santa Rosa County Deputy on October 26, 2018 responded to a median on U.S. 98 at Larker Woods Road in reference to a pedestrian hit by an automobile.

The victim, Vicki Lee Milligan, and her boyfriend, Travis Jon Fureigh, were driving on U.S. 98 and pulled into a thrift store in Navarre. There Travis pointed a blue mace gun and threatened Vicki with it while she kept her face covered.

According to the victim, she was in fear of her life but knew the gun Travis had was a mace gun. Travis got out of the vehicle opened the car doors and dragged Vicki out, threatening physical harm before he started punching her in the body multiple times. 

She told cops they got back into the vehicle and continued to travel down U.S. 98, when he pulled off on the side of the highway, leaned over to open the passenger door, and shoved her out the vehicle while the vehicle was in motion.

The victim had injuries to her back left elbow, bruise on the right bicep and a bruise to the left eye that was observed.  The officer was unable to view a bruise to the right knee due to victim being unable to lift her pant leg.

Based on the victim’s statements and injuries, which were consistent with a physical altercation taking place, the officer determined Travis was the primary aggressor.

A warrant was issued for Fureigh, 29, of Fort Walton Beach, who was charged aggravated battery.