Girls victorious during season opener

Posted on March 9, 2017 by From Staff Reports

On March 22 the Gulf Breeze girls’ lacrosse team was handed their first victory of the season over the Washington Wildcats. The Dolphins came in hard the entire 50 minute game and flushed out the Wildcats with a 20-0 win.
It didn’t take long for the Dolphins to start piling up goals on the scoreboard. Dolphin Clarke Haas scored five goals in the game to keep the Dolphins on edge. Fellow teammate Kate Reagan Costello put four goals on the scoreboard with her team, including over a half a dozen assists.
Avery Curington was the second Dolphin to score during the start of the first quarter. Curington flew down the field after stealing the ball from the Wildcats and put a goal on the board for the Dolphins with 23:25 left in the first.
A minute later Costello came back with another goal to put the Dolphins up 3.

Shelby Dunne attempts to squeeze by a Wildcat during the half quarter of the match. (Photo by Mat Pellegrino | South Santa Rosa News)

After her goal, Costello sunk another one in the net for the Dolphins, putting four on the board with a little under 20 minutes still left in the half.
Reilly Thompson came back with another goal for the Dolphins 5 minutes later, followed by a goal from Rachel Niles.
Curington came back with another goal through the Wildcat goalies’ legs to put the Dolphins up 7-0 with 13 minutes left in the half. Shelby Dunn followed up that goal with one of her own 1 minute later.
Curington powered back with another goal thanks to an assist from Shelby Dunne, followed up by a goal from Daly ­Ostrander with 5:46 left in the half to make it 10-0. Haas came back with another goal with an assist from Costello making it 12-0.
Dolphin Katelyn Stahl helped end the first half on a good note thanks to a goal with 3:03 left in the half. Curington powered back in the final minute to peg a point on the board for the Dolphins, putting them up 14-0 going into the second half.
Ultimately in the second, the Dolphins slowed down thanks to a running clock and ended with a 20-0 win.
The Dolphins went on to play West Florida High School where they walked away with a 20-0 win and 2-0 overall on the season.