Gulf Breeze Receives Offer for Tiger Point Golf Course Just Under $2M

Posted on May 20, 2020 by Kristin N. Compton


Earlier this month, Gulf Breeze council members gave the greenlight for City staff to move forward with drafting a sale agreement for the Tiger Point Golf Club and Course (TPGC) at just under $2 million.

Staff addressed the council at the May 4 regular City Council meeting about an offer the City received through its’ broker from Emerald Coast Group NWF, LLC on April 9, for the $1,999,999.00 sale of the Tiger Point Golf Course and “ongoing golf club business.” The pending offer is for the full price sought by the City and advertised in a listing since March 10, by NAI Pensacola and Broker DeeDee Davis. 

The listing boasts a “unique and picturesque setting” that includes all of the currently operating East Course (190 acres of land with 18-hole golf course, the Club House, the Pro Shop and Concession Building), the portion of the West Course that is now the new driving range, and the maintenance/facilities building property, as well as furniture, fixtures and equipment.

“There’s no contract at this point,” Davis clarified to the council. “There’s an offer, and one that we thought was pretty solid.”

The City of Gulf Breeze has been owner and operator of TPGC for eight years now. During that time, Hurricane Ivan ravaged approximately 100 acres of the property and the City worked hard to revitalize the land. The investment has resulted in an estimated $8.5M utility savings with an additional projected $18M in savings in the next 30 years.

The council completed its’ most recent workshop regarding the sale of TPGC on November 4, 2019 and received an upgraded appraisal for the property—appraised as an operating golf course—on February 9. Such appraisal documents are public record and readily available to citizens for review.

City Manager Samantha Abell said the buyer is motivated to move forward and finalize the terms of the sale. The City desired to obtain authorization to begin to negotiate terms and bring something back to the council for consideration hopefully by early June. Staff is eager for an August 31, 2020 closing date.

Terms of the sale are to be complete with a $200,000 deposit and a sale agreement that will include an acceptance of an Effluent Disposal Easement Agreement and allow for an easement for City utilities. Additionally, with its’ return to private ownership, the City can declare TPGC surplus property.

Several homeowners adjacent to the golf course and their appropriate associations weighed in on the matter. Most of those concerned citizens submitting questions expressed their pleas that the property continues to be maintained and run as a golf course and not be used for other commercial means not in the neighborhood’s best interests. Abell and Davis assured that that is part of the deal and certainly something to be set during negotiations.

Other negotiations that will need to be discussed between the City and prospective buyer and covered in the sale agreement involve the sale of the old driving range and 45 acres of property for a new school site.

“These questions and comments are all really good,” Davis said. “But somewhat premature because no contract has been negotiated at this point.” Abell agreed, “I think we are in for a lot of discussion ahead!”

Abell did thank the public for its’ positive feedback and welcomed further input. She alerted citizens to check their utility bills as well as their email associated with their utilities account for updates.

Lastly, the council voted on May 18 to reopen parks at the request of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association (GBSA) for Little League baseball and softball games to resume following the pandemic crisis. Councilmembers unanimously approved a starting date of June 1 for Little League activities to resume, taking into consideration all necessary social distancing requirements.