Holley Family “Totally Devastated” after Bear Kills Beloved Pet Dog

Posted on July 19, 2022 by ROMI WHITE

Rusty Wildman with the blood-soaked shirt he was wearing during the attack on his famiy’s pet. Photos courtesy Shawn Barlow Wildman.

The Wildman Family of Holley is mourning their beloved teacup chihuahua after a Florida Black Bear attacked and killed it yesterday evening.

“We are totally devasted,” said Shawn Wildman, who said her husband, Rusty, was nearby watching Maggi, the six-pound, six-year-old dog, when bears approached. A large bear quickly snatched her.


The bear attack took place roughly 20 yards from the family’s front porch.

“My husband was chasing them to try and get our baby,” she said, pointing out they had cleared trees and brush from their yard, trying to avoid such an incident. 

The Wildmans reported the incident to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, which dispatched a staff member. She said a biologist is supposed to follow up.

“I don’t think (FWC) is telling the truth on how many attacks there have been on animals around here,” she said. 

Maggi was laid to rest on the family’s home site.

“She was a surprise gift from my daughter and my husband,” said Wildman, who said the gift came six years ago when her daughter was leaving for college. “They wanted me to have something to love and mother and not be so lonely.”