Incumbents dominate local campaign money races

Posted on March 13, 2018 by Romi White

Santa Rosa County District 2 Commissioner Bob Cole didn’t pre-file for re-election until December 13, but since then he has raised more money than all three of his challengers combined. District 4 Commissioner Rob Williamson also maintains more than a $64,000 lead over his sole opponent.

Cole is facing two Republican challengers, Tammy Jo Brown and Wallis Mahute, both also of East Milton. The top Republican finisher during the August 28 primary will move on to face NPA Candidate Kris Long during the November 6 general election.

February campaign reports show Cole with $8,300 followed by Brown at $3,650, Long at $2,100 and Mahute with $812.

Meanwhile Williamson has amassed $77,609.06 compared to fellow Republican David Piech’s $12,895.12. If no other challenger enters that race it will be decided during the August 28 primary.

On the other hand, school district races are nonpartisan. Therefore, unless a school board candidate wins by a 50 percent plus one vote margin the race will move forward to the November 6 general election, according to Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections Tappie Villane.

District 1 School Board Member Diane Scott has announced she’s not seeking re-election. Linda Sanborn is the sole candidate so far to have pre-filed for that race. Sanborn has raised $2,700.

District 3 incumbent Carol Boston raised $5,000 prior to Kenny Long entering the race February 21.

District 5 incumbent Scott Peden has raised $1600.02 and challenger Liz Horton has $525. A third candidate, Wei Ueberschaer entered the race March 4.