Judge Dannheisser Asked to Return as Santa Rosa County Attorney

Posted on August 19, 2021 by Romi White

Santa Rosa County Commissioners during Thursday’s work session all voiced support to ask Honorable Thomas V. Dannheisser to return as the County Attorney.

District 1 Commissioner Sam Parker made the suggestion, stating that Dannheisser, who currently serves in the First Judicial Circuit as a judge in Escambia County, is open to considering the move.

Dannheisser on Thursday morning told South Santa Rosa News that he “will be honored” to discuss the position with the board.

“I’m kind of in shock that he’s interested,” said District 3 Commissioner James Calkins. “I appreciate you, Commissioner Parker, for bringing this up,” adding that he completely supports rehiring Dannheisser.

The action comes after the board in December 2020 fired former Santa Rosa County Attorney Roy Andrews.

Nabors Giblin firm had been providing temporary legal counsel and planned on August 31 to end serving as County Attorney, although the firm will continue working on projects and on-going litigation on an hourly, billable rate.

Earlier in the work session discussion, the commission discussed rejecting a proposal from a South Florida firm to serve as County Attorney. That action is expected to come to a formal vote August 24.

Parker offered to work with incoming County Administrator DeVann Cook to  negotiate a contract with Dannheisser.

A continuing services agreement with Nabors Giblin is also expected to come before the board on the 24th.