Kayak fishing seminar Friday night at Broxson Outdoors

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Nicholas Lytle

The Navarre Kayak Fishing Seminar Series was designed to help local anglers catch more fish, and the next seminar is scheduled for Friday, April 27 at Broxson Outdoors.

The seminar series will cover the following topics throughout 2018 – Kayak Safety, Kayak Rigging, Rods and Reels (Inshore and Offshore), and Seasonal Approaches for Various Species whether you wade, kayak, or boat, these seminars are full of useful information.                                                                                                 

The next seminar is this Friday, April 27th, 2018 and is hosted by Broxson Outdoors from 6-7PM. Nicholas Lytle, Professional Fishing Guide and Owner of Navarre Kayak Fishing will speak about Kayak Safety and Kayak Rigging.

The local kayak community is growing rapidly, and new kayak fisherman fail to see the importance of safety.  As the weather is improves new anglers will begin launching their kayaks into the Gulf of Mexico. Each year there are several close calls just off of the beach and our goal is to help prevent you from finding yourself in a dangerous position.  We will discuss topics from wearing your lifejacket to understanding the weather conditions.

Once the safety topic has been thoroughly discussed we will move into the Kayak Rigging portion of the seminar. There are tons of accessories on the market that have been designed to make your time on the water more enjoyable.

Friday night’s seminar is scheduled for 6-7 p.m. at Broxson Outdoors, located at 8155 Navarre Parkway.

Details are forthcoming on follow-up events and will be posted on the Navarre Kayak Fishing Facebook Page.  If you’re interested in booking a Kayak Fishing Charter additional information is available at http://navarrekayakfishing.com or by calling (850) 264-3957.