Kidnap/False Imprisonment arrest on Pawnee Drive

Posted on September 21, 2018 by Staff reports

Deputies with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office on September 20 arrested a Navarre man, who was charged with battery and kidnapping/false imprisonment.

Mark Allen Fanberg, 54, who resides at 8802 Pebble Brook Drive, held a victim against her will. The arrest took place after the victim and her boyfriend provided sworn statements to police.

According to the victim, Fanberg gave her his debit card to withdraw $600 from an ATM and bring it back to him with the “intent to purchase narcotics.” The arrest report also states it is “common practice” for Fanberg and the victim to trade oral sex for narcotics.

Per the report, Fanberg was asleep on his bed when she returned and placed the money in the top right drawer of his dresser and called the victim a few hours later to say he could not find the money, allegedly demanding she return to the residence to show him where it was located.

The victim told police she returned and that when they entered the bedroom Fanberg shut the bedroom door behind them and retrieved large white in color zip ties, per the report, which states she quickly fled the bedroom.

Police say the victim accused him of  chasing her in to the hallway, placing his right arm around her neck and putting a zip tie around her left arm a couple of inches above the wrist before forcing her back into his bedroom. She told police Fanberg tightened the zip tie “too tight” and that her hand was turning blue. She said he then placed zip ties on her ankles.

The victim told police Fanberg and his brother then tried to cut the zip tie off her wrist using black scissors but were unable to do so and gave the scissors to her to do it. 

She told cops Fanberg called her boyfriend and told him she had stolen money from him and that he currently had her bound and “hogtied.” 

“Fanberg told Pike to telephone him ten minutes prior to his arrival so he could ‘get her prepared’ because he was only going to have ‘one minute’ to speak with her,” stated the report. 

When the boyfriend arrived Fanberg reportedly came out through the garage where the victim was located, and when the couple tried to retreat to the boyfriend’s car the suspect allegedly grabbed her around the neck again. The reports states the boyfriend noticed neighbors outside and yelled for them to call police. 

The couple was able to get away and went to the Sheriff’s Office substation in Navarre to report the incident. Police report the victim had marks on her left arm and both legs consistent with her account. Additionally it was noted she had red marks and a hematoma on her right arm.

The arrest took place without incident at a parking lot off of Pawnee Drive.

Fanberg was transported to Santa Rosa County Jail and faces one count of Battery, a first-degree misdemeanor and one count of Kidnap – False Imprisonment, a third-degree felony. He was issued a $8,500 bond.

The report stated Fanberg claimed he was suffering health issues and was “heavily under the influence of Xanax” on the evening prior to his arrest. He was subsequently transported to the hospital.