Kilpatrick wins jury trial for Navarre dad

Posted on March 3, 2020 by Romi White

Navarre attorney  D. Keith Kilpatrick on Monday won a jury trial for his client, Bobby Walkup, who had been accused by a former wife of battery and stalking.

“Bobby was charged with domestic violence battery and stalking, and his estranged wife even filed a civil injunction against him — all of which are all tools that are abused in our system to gain or modify custody of a child(ren),” Kilpatrick told South Santa Rosa News on Tuesday.

Kilpatrick, managing partner of the Kilpatrick & Newlin Law Firm, said law enforcement did not have the proper recording devices, making the case an “uphill battle.”

“I was fortunate to ferret out several inconsistent and untrue statements made by his estranged wife,” Kilpatrick said. “After a few months, justice prevailed, and now Bobby can move forward and focus on his family and career.”

Walkup’s police report states that cops on November 9, 2019 responded to The Sound apartments in reference to a disturbance. His former wife claimed he grabbed her arm after she had told him earlier that evening not to touch her when he had attempted to hug her.

Walkup denied grabbing her but admitted he had tried to put his arm around her.

The arresting officer deemed Walkup as the “primary aggressor” and booked him into Santa Rosa County Jail with no bond pending first appearance.

“Keith Kilpatrick believed in me from day one and did a great job cross-examining the witnesses, bringing the truth to light. If you are being accused of doing something you didn’t do, I would highly recommend Keith Kilpatrick,” Walkup said.