Largest American Flag in Florida project moves forward with addition of sponsorships, new location

Posted on March 14, 2024 by Romi White

Santa Rosa County Vice Chairman James Calkins on March 14 made a successful revised motion and moved without objection to accept a $291,000 bid to construct the largest flag in the State of Florida. However, after discussion, he will seek input on the project’s location through the Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Council.

The TDC makes recommendations to the commission on the spending of bed tax revenues, which are proposed to help fund the project and Clerk of Court Donny Spencer said he cannot provide his required support of using bed tax revenues with the TDC recommending a location. Potential sites include Interstate 10 near Avalon Boulevard or Hwy. 87 S,  near Santa Rosa Veteran’s Plaza near Riverwalk Park in downtown Milton or near the new county courthouse on Avalon Boulevard.

Commissioner Colten Wright voiced his support for the project but suggested it be pursued as a public/private venue, pledging the first $1,000 private sponsorship toward the project from this business, The Tool Shack. Wright said he favors a possible location along Interstate 10 at Avalon.

Commission Chairman Sam Parker expressed strong support for the project, pledging to match Wright’s contribution with a personal donation.

Calkins said he appreciates all the support for the project from fellow commissioners and the community, including about a dozen people who showed up during today’s meeting to voice their support for it.

The next step forward will be Calkins working with the TDC to find an alternate location and get a recommended amount of bed taxes the council is “comfortable” utilizing for the project. Spencer said the TDC will need to recommend the location in order for him to support the use of bed tax revenues to help fund the project.