LEO charged with sexual battery on 2 8-year-olds

Posted on November 2, 2016 by

A local Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officer was slapped with 2 counts of sexual assault/battery on a victim under 12, and 2 counts of lewd lascivious behavior on a victim under 12 years of age on Tuesday after two 8-year-olds alleged the suspect performed sexual acts on them and made the victims perform sexual acts on the suspect.
The suspect, Charles McMullen, was placed under arrest and put behind bars at the Santa Rosa County Jail following the allegations and was given a $1.5 million bond.
According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office  arrest report, the doctor of an 8-year-old male patient notified the Santa Rosa Kids’ House that one of his patients told him/her that someone was “touching him “downstairs on his private parts”.
Another 8-year-old victim later came forward to investigators alleging that McMullen also sexually abused him claiming the suspect made him touch him inappropriately numerous times and that McMullen would also inappropriately touch the victim.
Because of the circumstances surrounding the allegations, investigators immediately called McMullen on the phone to notify him of the allegations from the two boys, and the report indicated that McMullen immediately began to cry over the phone.
Both children were later interviewed at the SRKH.
One of the 8-year-old victims alleged that McMullen told him not to tell anyone about the incidents, stating that the suspect told him that the encounters were “between you and me”.
The same child alleged that some of the incidents occurred when he was 7 years old and that the suspect would force the victim to violate his private parts and that McMullen would make the child put his mouth on the his genitals and vice versa.
The same child alleged that McMullen made him put his penis inside of McMullen and that McMullen allegedly penetrated the victim. The victim stated that the last time the abuse occurred was late last week.
The other victim in the case was later interviewed at the SRKH and told investigators that McMullen often touched his private parts. The child told investigators that McMullen would abuse him “mostly once a week”.
The same victim told investigators that McMullen made him rub his genitals until he was erect, something McMullen told the child was called a “stick up”.
On Tuesday, McMullen went to the SRSO for an interview and repeatedly denied the allegations brought on by both the boys.
He was later arrested and booked into Santa Rosa Couny Jail.