LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shredding Reputations

Posted on August 4, 2022 by LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Mr. Peavey was hired by the 2020 Holley Navarre Water System (HNWS) Board. Criminal history checks going back 20 years were conducted by a reputable HR firm which came back clear. Anyone not serving at that time was not privy to the lengthy hiring or decision-making process.

Professional organizations don’t react to social media posts without their own due diligence. Acts of that nature have costs HNWS members hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past. The current Board has conducted our own independent investigation and after conclusion, the Board has severed ties with Mr. Peavey.

HNWS for years has been the subject of many accusations. The current Board is intent on shedding old lingering negative reputations. A former town councilor, retired Air Force Group Commander/VP for defense contractor and retired Federal Special Agent to name just three plan to move the organization positively into the future and to represent the members with honesty and integrity. We were not expecting to have to investigate previous hires.

I recognize our responsibilities and will not accept anything less from our employees or each other. Sadly, many people want to hold on to old reputations and will never look beyond what they read on social media.

Clearly there was an issue which we have addressed, however at a recent Board of County Commissioners meeting, HNWS organization was called “corrupt”. The allegation has been repeated many times on social media. That is an insult to our hard-working law-abiding employees.

For the record, members are invited to speak at any meeting, watch the You Tube videos. Unfortunately, some people may confuse not getting an answer they like with not being able to speak.

Regarding the calls for a forensic audit here are a few of the processes already in place to ensure the Board fulfills our fiduciary responsibility. (1) Staff has a spending limit for unbudgeted items (2) Two authorized signatures required on ALL checks (3) Director of Finance (with national experience) and his team reconciles bank statements and accounting software monthly (4) and two Directors sit on the finance review committee.

Critically important, although not required HNWS commissions an annual independent audit by a reputable CPA firm. Direct from the March 2022 report: “There were no findings or unusual adjustments…financial statements were clean…and internal controls were good with a lot of positive changes… “

HNWS provides a vital resource to our members. Our dedicated staff deserve our support as we work together to make this an organization our members can be proud of once and for all.

Joe Campbell
President, HNWS Board of Directors