LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – Sept. 25, 2015

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Welcome Aboard South Santa Rosa News

I applaud any new business in Navarre. It’s great that we now have such a choice of quality resources to keep everyone up to speed with local happenings. You can’t beat the “free” price point, and an informed community, is an involved community….that’s a positive thing for us all. I look forward to the next edition!

ANGELA CAMPBELL, Navarre Area Board of Realtors

Four “RINO’s” reach into your pocket again.

We need more money, we want more money and we are going to take more of your money. Recently four of our BOCC members voted to MAX OUT the gas tax in SRC. The only sane Commissioner was Jayer Williamson who voted against this tax increase and I commend him for his vote.

Now let’s get back to the four “RINO’s” who voted yes to the LARGEST TAX INCREASE in the HISTORY of SRC. Don Salter, Lane Lynchard, Rob Williamson and Bob Cole all said yes to helping themselves to the last few pennies you had in your pocket. Please keep in mind that these commissioners are all Republicans yet they act like the tax and spend crowd from Washington DC. These four commissioners should be ashamed of themselves. I guess they don’t take the time to look at the plight of their fellow citizens to see just how bad the economy is. To add insult to injury the many great county employees who seldom see a pay raise will also feel the pain of this tax. For these employees it is a double edged sword which is cutting them both ways.

It seems to me that these four always reach for more tax dollars rather than looking for other ways. Currently SRC has the largest cash reserve in its history. Myself along with many citizens asked to cap the reserve and spend some of this money for our needs today. As expected our pleas fell on deaf ears. We questioned why SRC needed an $8 MILLION DOLLAR communications system. The answer was short. We need it so deal with it. I asked why SRC was renting a $200,000.00 house for $10 dollars per year on an annual rent agreement. Well they showed me by giving this non-profit the same deal and extended it to three years just to show me who is in charge. We also learned during the budget hearings that there was a $3 MILLION DOLLAR surplus in the beach fund. Several citizens wondered if that money could be used to balance the budget. According to our “RINO’s” the answer was no because they wanted it all. The BIG FOUR kept giving speeches on how well they have managed your money and have kept the numbers of employees low. The argument about employees is laughable since they recently hired seven more and did not advertise the jobs. Yes you heard me right they don’t think an outsider should have a chance to work for the county.