Local Candidate’s Handout Contains False Information about Holley-Navarre Water System

Posted on January 14, 2024 by Staff reports

One of four candidates vying for two spots on the Holley-Navarre Water System board of directors is distributing false information about the utility via  handouts to local residents. Wes Siler’s handout wrongfully accuses the utility of having disharged effluent into Santa Rosa Sound “for decades.”

“We don’t pump effluent into the Sound,” stated Holley-Navarre Water System General Manager Clinton Wells. An engineer associated with the utility also confirmed to South Santa Rosa News that HNWS has never pumped effluent into Santa Rosa Sound. 

The correct information is that Navarre Beach Utilities, which is owned & operated by Santa Rosa County, discharges effluent into Santa Rosa Sound. Not HNWS.

In order for Navarre Beach Utilites to connect to the HNWS system to utilize a Rapid Infiltration Basin System (RIBS) currently under construction on Eglin Air Force Base property north of Holley, an underwater pipeline will be bored under the Sound.

Additionally, Siler’s handout claims he will “move the RIBs project to completion,” despite the fact the RIBS project is already approved with the HNWS portion completely funded. 


Screenshot of the false assertion being distribution via handout to Navarre residences


It’s not the first time false information has been shared by Siler, the director of Preserve Navarre, a registered social welfare organization proposing the incorporation of Navarre.

In April 2023, Siler distributed a mass email alleging that a newly formed group opposing incorporation was “led by commissioners from the north.” However, Shawn Wildman, who founded the anti-incorporation group, said that was a “bald-faced lie.” Wildman went on to explain her group had simply invited candidates for Santa Rosa County District 3 Commissioner to speak at the meeting. “We also plan to invite District 1 and 5 candidates to speak at our meetings ahead of the August 2024 primary, but none of them ‘lead’ our group. Wes Siler shouldn’t be spreading information about a meeting he didn’t attend or group to which he isn’t a member.”

The Holley-Navarre Water System election will take place from 7:30 a.m. until 7 p.m., Tuesday, January 16 at HNWS headquarters, located at 8574 Turkey Bluff Road in Navarre.

Other candidates include: Rob Low, Mark Miller and Bill Thiel.