Local candidates qualify and report net worth

Posted on June 16, 2020 by Staff reports

June 12 was the deadline for candidates to qualify for Santa Rosa County races, and two failed to do so. Others provided supporting documentation, revealing their net worth.

Santa Rosa County Commission District 1 Candidate Pete Reeser and District 3 Candidate Scott Schmieder did not meet qualification requirements. 

Both of those races have multiple candidates vying for the job, which pays $68,998 per year.

For District 1, which represents the Pace area, incumbent Sam Parker is facing two Republican challengers, Geoff Ross and Stacy Bryan, who previously announced he was dropping out — but never officially withdrew and recently announced he intended to stay in the race. The winner of the District 1 August 18 Republican primary will face write-in candidate Chase Gilbert in the November 3 general election.

Longtime District 3 Commissioner Don Salter is facing four Republican challengers: Ryan Adkins Sr., James Calkins, Jerry Couey and Gage Schlegel. The winner of that August 18 Republican primary will face write-in candidate Patrick Brown in the November 3 general election. 

District 5 Commissioner Lane Lynchard is only facing opposition from fellow Republican Colten Wright. 

Per Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections Tappie Villane, the County Commission District 5 and Santa Rosa County Superintendent of School races are now universal primary contests — since only Republican candidates qualified.

That means both races will appears on all Santa Rosa County August 18 primary election ballots, and voters can cast a vote regardless of party affiliation. The respective winners in those two races will be decided August 18.

However, school board district races are non-partisan, so a winner must attain 50 percent of the votes plus one additional vote, else face a run-off election in the November 3 general election.

The following Santa Rosa County Constitutional Officers did not face opposition: Santa Rosa County Clerk of Court & Comptroller Donny Spencer, Sheriff Bob Johnson, Supervisor of Elections Tappie Villane and Tax Collector Stan Colie Nichols.

Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser Greg Brown Sr., withdrew from the race last Wednesday, citing health issues. He endorsed his son, Greg Brown II, who was the sole candidate to qualify by Friday’s deadline.


County Commission District 1

  • Bryan, Stacy $680,526.37
  • Gilbert, Chase $718
  • Parker, Sam $947,264
  • Ross, Geoff $324,952

County Commission District 3

  • Adkins, Ryan $351,952.57
  • Brown, Patrick, $10,000
  • Calkins, James $1,462,224
  • Couey, Jerry $2,711,444.22
  • Salter, Don $991,000
  • Schlegel, Gage $294,029

County Commission District 5

  • Lynchard, Lane $4,735,431
  • Wright, Colter $224,010

Superintendent of Schools

  • Barber, Karen $236,322.55
  • Gunter, David $297,130.64
  • Thorpe, Michael $262,813

School Board District 2

  • Hewey, Elizabeth $ 800,072
  • Hinote, Buddy $689,500

School Board District 4

  • Elliott, Charles $60,266
  • Northcutt, Felicia $1,137,337


  • Clerk of Court & Comptroller Donny Spencer $1,728,929
  • Property Appraiser Greg Brown II (data not yet uploaded to website)
  • Sheriff Bob Johnson $404,000
  • Supervisor of Elections Tappie Villane $752,019.51
  • Tax Collector Stan Colie Nichols $423,725