Local coalition offers virtual financial coaching services

Posted on April 7, 2020 by

Thousands of households in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties struggle with increased debt and a lack of information about available resources to help them improve their financial standing. The EscaRosa Financial Stability Coalition, facilitated by United Way of West Florida, is now offering virtual financial coaching services to help individuals and families take steps towards financial stability.

Financial coaching is administered by trained volunteers and focuses on the following areas:

Credit Score Improvement: Your credit score can impact your ability to borrow money, obtain certain types of employment, or secure affordable housing. Financial coaches will pull your credit report, explain your score, and help you develop a plan for improvement.

Debt Reduction: Reducing debt can give you the ability to save more money, alleviate financial stress, and achieve your financial goals. Financial coaches will work with you to create a budget and develop strategies for repaying debt and dealing with debt collectors.

Increased Saving and Asset Building:  Weathering financial shocks and setbacks while saving for the future is a critical step toward financial security. Financial coaches can help you develop a plan to achieve your saving goals.

Banking Access: Accessing a safe, affordable account is key to joining the financial mainstream and keeping earnings secure through saving. Financial coaches will work with you to identify a bank or credit union that meets your needs.

All financial coaching services, including credit report analysis, are provided free of charge to any low- to median-income adult living in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. To schedule your virtual financial coaching appointment, email United Way of West Florida Financial Stability Program Outreach Manager, Katrina Madden, at katrina.madden@uwwf.org.

Facilitated by United Way of West Florida, the EscaRosa Financial Stability Coalition is a diverse group of community partners with expertise in the banking industry, education field, career and workforce development, financial counseling, and homeownership. The Coalition works to protect, educate, and support all residents in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties by providing free, trusted, and unbiased resources to help them understand, manage, and improve their personal financial situations.