Local lawn expert to host free irrigation maintenance workshop for homeowners

Posted on February 28, 2018 by Staff reports

Skip Orth, owner of Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions and author of the book “What Every Home Owner Along The Emerald Coast Needs To Know About Lawn Care” is holding a free workshop for home owners who want to know how to maintain their irrigation systems. Skip says that proper irrigation is the foundation to having a healthy lawn and greatly enhances the treatment service his company provides. “We have developed a very successful system for treating lawns with fertilizer and keeping weeds and pests to a minimum but if the irrigation system is not set or functioning properly, the lawn will still not be healthy. This workshop is designed to give home owners the knowledge they need to keep their irrigation systems operating properly so their grass can thrive.”

Skip says most of the maintenance irrigation systems need is fairly simple to do and can be done by most any home owner, however many people are afraid to dig in and try to fix a problem with their system because they might mess something up. “Once you see and understand how all the components fit and work together, you’ll be like ‘Oh, I can do that! It’s not that complicated!'”

The topics Skip will cover in this workshop will include:

  • Short cuts to fix a broken irrigation line.
  • Understanding the basics of an irrigation system.
  • How to make the four basic sprinkler head adjustments.
  • When and how to add a sprinkler head to your irrigation system.
  • How to set analog timers and program digital timers.
  • How to trouble shoot your sprinkler system.
  • When, how often and how much should you water your lawn.
  • How to recognize drought stress in your lawn.
  • Skip will also be available to answer questions.

This is Skip’s fifth lawn workshop this year. His previous workshops have been attended by hundreds of people and many of the attendees commented on how informative and interesting they are. Skip says this workshop will involve a combination of instruction and live demonstration. “I will have actual irrigation components to demonstrate with as I talk so that everyone can actually see what they need to do to keep their systems operating at peak efficiency.”


The workshop will take place at Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions, located at 8373 East Bay Boulevard in Navarre on Saturday, March 10th from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. Seating will be limited to 30. There is no cost for the workshop and you must reserve a seat by calling Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions at 850-240-7935. Skip will also have his book What Every Home Owner Along The Emerald Coast Needs To Know About Lawn Care available there along with his brand new lawn care DVD!