Man arrested for battery on live-in girlfriend

Posted on July 19, 2016 by Mat Pellegrino

A Navarre man was arrested for misdemeanor Battery after he allegedly hit his girlfriend after the two had indulged in alcoholic beverages on Navarre Beach.
According to the arrest report, the suspect, John Selfridge, 23, was arrested last Wednesday, for the incident, which occurred back on June 12.
The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report indicated that deputies were called out to a residence in Navarre around 1:30 a.m. that day in reference to a disturbance.
The victim claimed that she and her boyfriend, Selfridge, were out on Navarre Beach drinking and that the 23-year-old suspect had fallen asleep on the car ride home after “becoming emotional”, the report stated.
The victim told deputies that when Selfridge woke up from his sleep he became “angry and started throwing things from the car”.
Eventually, the victim went inside of her home, which she lived in with Selfridge. She told law enforcement officers that the two had been dating for approximately 6 months prior to the alleged battery.
She claimed that the suspect came in through the front door and started throwing things inside of the home, the report indicated. The victim told deputies that at one point she tried to intervene, and she stated she was grabbed forcefully on her left arm by Selfridge and that he began to shake her while he held onto her arm, the report indicated.
The report stated that the victim “reacted causing (Selfridge) a busted lip”.
The victim stated that after the altercation, Selfridge left the residence and entered a wooded area on East Bay Boulevard. She told deputies that when he entered the wooded lot, she could hear him screaming “I hit my girlfriend, I should go to jail!”, the report stated.
The victim did not have any visible injuries according to the arrest report.
Neighbors reported to the responding deputy that they heard the argument inside of the home and heard things being thrown around inside of the residence. They stated they heard the victim crying and watched as the suspect left the residence.
Selfridge was released from jail after posting $1,000 bond.