Man Jailed after High-Speed Stolen Truck Chase on 87 S

Posted on February 7, 2024 by Staff reports

Santa Rosa County (SRSO) Deputies on Monday around 4:22 p.m. were in high-speed pursuit of a stolen, carjacked Dodge Ram traveling northbound on State Road 87. Andrew Brendon Matyac, 33 of Destin, was eventually arrested.

The suspect had previously been adjudicated guilty of a January 27, 2023 grand theft auto incident which ended in the Presidio Street area of Navarre.

During a SRSO attempt on Monday to utilize spike strips to stop the truck, the driver swerved toward the deputy, nearly running him over.

The Florida Highway Patrol’s assistance was requested in Monday’s pursuit. As Troopers arrived on scene, SRSO allowed them to take lead of the pursuit. Once the truck reached Interstate 10, it began traveling eastbound. As the vehicle approached mile marker 31 it abruptly crossed over the median, traveling the wrong direction, westbound in the eastbound lane of the Interstate.

With Troopers behind the truck, with lights and sirens activated to warn motorists, FHP radioed ahead and requested extra Troopers slow oncoming traffic and attempt to move them over to the shoulder.

As Troopers diverted traffic to the westbound exit ramp at mile marker 45, in an attempt to avoid a collision with the reckless driver, the truck crossed the median and began traveling east in the eastbound lane of traffic, still at high rates of speed and with no regard to the public’s safety.

By this point Troopers were closing in on the truck and as the pursuit approached mile marker 48,  Troopers performed a PIT maneuver and safely brought the pursuit to a stop.

The suspect then exited the truck and began fleeing on foot, and the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office K-9 was deployed. The subject surrendered, and EMS responded to the scene to provide medical attention to the suspect who had received a dog bite. No other injuries to law enforcement or the motoring public were reported.

FHP arrested Andrew Brendon Matyac, 33-year-old male from Destin, and he was charged for the following: fleeing and eluding, throwing a deadly missile object that struck a patrol vehicle, reckless driving, and resisting arrest.     

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office also had the following charges: carjacking, aggravated assault, stolen vehicle, reckless driving, feeing eluding, resisting arrest.