Mariya Calkins Seeks Florida House District 3 Seat

Posted on January 7, 2022 by Staff reports

Former state legislative aide Mariya Calkins has announced her intention to seek the Republican nomination for the Florida House of Representatives, District 3.

“I was born in a country where freedom and personal liberties were taken from people by the evil works of communism. I was born in USSR. I understand from my life experience what it means to be controlled and mandated. My family was nearly destroyed, starved and taken over by oppressive governmental overreach,” Calkins said. “But we persevered and now by the hand of the Lord, I am proud to call myself an American!”

Calkins said that in these challenging times she made the decision to run for the Florida State House of Representatives because she knows firsthand that the safeguarding of Constitutional rights and second Amendment rights, protecting life and limited government are key terms of freedom. 

“The State of Florida is the best state in the nation, and my intention is to keep Florida a freedom state. I am seeking election as a Conservative Republican,” she said, adding a list of her core beliefs:

  • I believe that the family is the most important institution in our society, not the government.
  • I believe that all human life deserves protection of our laws.
  • I believe that all parents deserve to choose the education that’s right for their children.
  • I believe that every American should have right to keep and bear arms without asking government for permission.

“As your next State Representative, I pledge my every effort to fight against mandates, to protect and defend the interest of our military, disabled and seniors, to protect parental rights and to limit the government,” Calkins said. “I ask for your prayers and your support for our future. I believe together we can make Florida Great!”

Calkins lives in Milton with her husband, Santa Rosa County District 3 Commissioner James Calkins, and their daughter.