More than 70 Animals Rescued from Individual Near Tiger Point

Posted on February 21, 2022 by Romi White

Santa Rosa County Animal Services is in the process of rescuing more than 70 animals from an individual in the 4500 block of Gulf Breeze Parkway in the Tiger Point area.

The county is keeping the animals at a staging area at the county’s Agriplex located at the Santa Rosa County Fairgrounds in East Milton.

The county was already in urgent need of persons who can adopt or foster dogs from the shelter, which remains at critical capacity.

Now the shelter is in the process of performing intake on more than 70 additional dogs from a special case involving a community member in Santa Rosa County who became overwhelmed, according to county officials.

The shelter is actively working with rescues all over the United States to find placement for as many dogs as possible and thanks to the Santa Rosa County Fair Association, they are using the Exhibit Hall at the Agriplex as a staging area for the more than 70 dogs coming in from the special case.

Residents cannot visit the Agriplex to look at the dogs, at this time only staff, volunteers and rescues are allowed on site, per SRC.

Officials say the intake process involves physical examination, behavioral assessment, updated shots, basic testing and more. Volunteers on site are helping make sure the dogs are fed and shown as much attention as possible which includes treats and walks. The dogs start out in a dog run to help with decompression and then move to a kennel inside the exhibit hall.

Per the county, many of the dogs are in good condition and will be available for adoption by the end of the week if they haven’t been pulled by a rescue. Any dogs left after rescues have made their pull will be placed in the county animal shelter.

At this time, there are less than 10 empty kennels at the animal shelter, and the shelter would greatly benefit from fosters taking available dogs for two to three weeks, as well as rescue partners who could pull dogs to open kennel space. Fosters are given all the resources needed to care for the animal such as vet care, food and any medication required.

Visit for more information on the foster program. Rescue groups interested in helping the shelter should contact the rescue coordinator, Tara DeAguilera at 850-530-5128.
For more information on programs offered by the animal shelter or to make an appointment to adopt, visit