Motorist takes out Navarre Dog park fence

Posted on October 1, 2015 by Mat Pellegrino

UPDATE – Oct. 2: The fence has been repaired.

An unidentified motorist took out the dog park fence located on High School Boulevard in Navarre Sunday night, and the county is waiting to find out further details about the incident.

A county worker was spotted at the large dog park Monday morning assessing the damage to the fence.

A motorist hit the fence, located on High School Boulevard, and knocked down about 71 ft. of the chain link structure Sunday night.

According to Santa Rosa County Administrative Services Manager Tammy Simmons, the county got word of the incident Monday morning.

The county worker who spotted the mishap contacted the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, who determined that a Florida Highway Patrolman had already been on scene the night before regarding the accident.

Simmons said the county hasreached out to FHP, and is waiting to hear back on who hit the fence. “We’ve contacted the records department at FHP. We were told it takes 4 to 10 days to write a report,” Simmons said.

The county has a fence contractor who fixes and erects a majority of the county’s fences. Simmons said the company has been summoned to fix the fence. Simmons said on Tuesday that the contractor estimated the damage to be $2,000. “We called and asked him to fix it and told him to send us a bill,” Simmons said.

The county worker said the contractor told her that a temporary fix will be done on the gate, but the remainder of the fence should be fixed by the end of the work week. According to Simmons, this is the first time that she recalls this happening to this particular dog park fence.

Information on the driver who crashed into the fence was not available as of press time.