New Local Moms Group Wants Prayer during Santa Rosa School Board Meetings

Posted on April 5, 2023 by Romi White

A grassroots organization, Moms for Liberty, has launched a new chapter in Santa Rosa County, and group plans to ask the Santa Rosa County School Board to reinstate prayer before each meeting.

“We are the only nation in the world that recognizes the presence of God in our founding documents. We have God-given rights, and the government is instituted to protect these rights. If our school board members believe in our Constitutional God-given rights, then they, as any other elected officers, need to pray to Him for His guidance and protection,” said Mariya Calkins, chairwoman of the Santa Rosa Chapter.

 Now established in 45 states, Moms for Liberty has organized 275 local chapters since their inception in January of 2021. The organization works to empower parents and they are committed to holding elected leaders accountable while also focusing on preserving crucial, founding principles of our nation: limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty.

“We are happy to launch our chapter. Our priority is our children and the future of our country,” Calkins said. “When one moment you make peanut butter and jelly for your children and the next moment the FBI calls you and asks you intimidating questions, you know that the tax-paid Department of Justice is being weaponized against outspoken parents.  As one Nation under God, we must stand strong against tyranny with a firm reliance on divine providence, just like our Founding Fathers did.  We are God-loving Americans who invest our time and service into the future of our country. Our ultimate focus is God – Family – Country.”

The Santa Rosa County Chapter of Moms for Liberty hosted their first meeting March 30th and plans to speak during public forum during the upcoming Santa Rosa County District Schools Board meeting, which will take place at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, April 13 at 5086 Canal Street in Milton.

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