Operation Spring Cleaning nets 24 pounds of drugs

Posted on May 3, 2018 by Staff reports

Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson today announced his agency worked with 35 other Sheriff’s Offices throughout the state, targeting high crime and narcotics areas during Operation Spring Cleaning, which resulted in nearly 5,000 arrests, including 52 local arrests.

“We did a great thing by getting people and drugs off the street,” Johnson said, pointing out the operation led to the seizure of 12.5 million grams of controlled substances.

According to Johnson, as part of the operation his agency seized 20 grams of cocaine, 13 grams of heroin, 885 grams of opiods, 9,289 grams of marijuana, 210 grams meth and 305 grams of miscellaneous drugs, totaling 10,722 grams of illegal drugs – or nearly 24 pounds.

“So I think we did a pretty good job,” Johnson said, pointing out that Spring Break was one of the reasons the time period was targeted. The operation ran for several months, ending in April.

Johnson said SRSO has a “double duty” to make the area safe not only for locals but also tourists visiting the area.