OPINION: Incorporation Transparency is Vital 

Posted on February 27, 2022 by EDITORIAL BOARD

It’s not surprising that the Greater Navarre Chamber has pulled the topic of incorporation from its July 12 debate. After all, that chamber has allowed Preserve Navarre members to infiltrate its board.

 “Jersey Jerry” Foster, who leads that chamber’s Government Affairs committee, even stopped this week’s committee’s meeting to call and make sure a fellow Preserve Navarre member would be able to make a July 26 roundtable discussion instead.

That’s unfortunate because Preserve Navarre needs to answer hard questions about their proposal to incorporate Navarre. All we have seen out of them so far are suggestions that incorporation would be better and personal attacks on those who express a different point of view.

The group has not posted its feasibility study publicly – despite saying it would be delivered to Florida House District 3 Representative Jayer Williamson back in October 2021.

People who ask questions are told to attend meetings or join their group. “Pay to play” isn’t going to work when it comes to establishing a new local government. Transparency should be paramount.

Why does Preserve Navarre seem scared to share details or truly debate the issue?

Although the group’s upcoming meeting has been publicized as being a “tax proposal” meeting, as our front page story reveals, attendees won’t be hearing details. It’s going to be a “Painting the broader picture or landscape.”

It’s time to start talking hard numbers. If incorporation advocates plan for the community to vote this fall on whether or not they’d support the effort, then they need to start putting out details with supporting documentation to back it up.

We shouldn’t have to attend a meeting or “pay to play” to see details about proposals to stand up a new government. Put it on a website.

Navarre Area United plans to release their incorporation feasibility study and proposed charter next month.

Preserve Navarre needs to do the same.

But maybe they’re not prepared or maybe they want to wait until after Navarre Area United releases its proposal so they can cut and paste from it?

Navarre Area United has been busy doing their homework and is almost ready to present its plan to the community. Preserve Navarre seems to have been too busy arguing and slinging insults on social media.

It’s time to start debating, and that’s going to require details.

Here’s a link to an informative interview we did Friday about the current effort to “unincorporate” Mary Esther due to rising property taxes, local option sales tax and other increases (starts around the 7-minute mark in this video): https://fb.watch/bqIYEDLweo/