OPINION: Navarre’s too big, it’s time to Divide it

Posted on April 1, 2023 by EDITORIAL BOARD

We’re going to the dark side. Never thought we’d find ourselves promoting the one issue which has divided the Navarre community more than any other for nearly a decade, yet here we are totally convinced the only solution to move Navarre forward is to divide it – through incorporation.

But, we have specific recommended boundary lines for the future city.

First, leave off Navarre Beach. Because all those islanders would be doing is subdizing the $100 million in storm water projects needed in Holley By The Sea.

Second, make the city limits include Holley By The Sea, and ONLY HBTS. After all, those residents are already accumstomed to paying fees to be managed by an overzealous HOA. While you’re waiting for construction of Preserve Navarre’s proposed new $9 million city hall building, just use the HBTS rec center. 

Third, offer free housing for Democrat Nancy Forester of Preserve Navarre so that she can be in charge as Mayor. Also, offer free housing for Democrat Jim Sutton, current president of the Navarre Beach Leaseholders Association. That way Jim can keep pushing his association’s money to Navarre Press’ Sandi Kemp, who actually started most of the divisiveness which has been dividing Navarre since 2014 with her failed effort to incorporate and support of the ousting of a former chamber director.

Also, we suggest adding Santa Rosa County District 4 Commissioner Ray Eddington’s Democrat advisor Maggi Roberts as an ex-officio city council member. We’d also suggest adding Maggi’s friend, Carmen Reynolds, in an ex-officio capacity; however, Carmen’s too busy lately speaking at the Santa Rosa Democrat Women’s group. 

Don’t forget to add the charging stations for the fleet of five electric buses for $4.25 million as suggested by Preserve Navarre’s feasibility study budget, which was designed by a college student who encourages BLM protests.

Yes, we support higher taxes to create an additional layer of government in Navarre. And if you believe that, you should take a look at your calendar.