OPINION: Pro-incorporation group’s brochure contains false information

Posted on February 22, 2023 by EDITORIAL BOARD

Once again, members of Preserve Navarre, a pro-incorporation organization, are spreading false information. In their latest attempts to lure support, the group has been targeting homes with door-to-door distribution of a brochure.

The front of the brochure states HOW TO SAVE NAVARRE. Well, the best way to “save” Navarre, especially from higher taxes and more government regulation, would be for Preserve Navarre to stop spreading lies.

Preserve Navarre’s brochure states, “Incorporation is not an additional layer of government.” That is an outright lie. 

We cannot sit back and watch Preserve Navarre’s leadership, including Vice President Nancy Forester, a registered Democrat, attempt to deceive the community with a completely false narrative.

The brochure says Navarre has grown since 2010. We have been growing because of the quality of life we have coupled with low taxes. However, Navarre is nearly built out. Growth is now moving northward into East Milton. East Milton is becoming the fastest growing area of our county. 

So ask yourself, do you want to pay more property taxes and other city taxes & fees just so Navarre can become a homeowners’ association on steroids?

The brochure points out that local municipalities are working on projects, but Preserve Navarre failed to mention how Navarre is getting major stormwater and roadway infrastructure. Right now Santa Rosa County is not only making significant stormwater & drainage, sidewalks and other improvements along Edgewood Drive and East Bay Boulevard but also the county is working with utilities to completely end the discharge of treated effluent into Santa Rosa Sound through construction of a Rapid Infiltration Basin System which will be built on Eglin Air Force property just north of Holley. The Eglin RIBs project, which will be coming online in the not-too-distant future, is a game changer for Navarre which will enable septic-to-sewer conversions, and improve water quality.

Preserve Navarre’s original feasibility study, which was publicly released last April, called for a new local government which would cost $22.3 million annually by 2028. It also proposed borrowing $9 million to construct a future city hall and $4.25 million for five ELECTRIC battery buses (public transportation).  After public outcry and our story on that study, which is posted below, the group tried to scale back their exorbitant spending proposal. But you just can’t completely unring the bell.

So just say no to Preserve Navarre’s lies, higher taxes and more government regulation. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: The incorporation of Navarre has been attempted twice before, failing both times at the ballot box. 

Proposed City of Navarre Budget Would Cost $22.3M Annually by 2028