Pier employee’s idea could save lives

Posted on June 6, 2018 by Romi White

Navarre Beach Fire Rescue Chief Danny Fureigh this morning gathered with firefighters and Navarre Beach Fishing Pier employee Thomas Mintz (center) to debut a new life ring buoy installed on the pier.

Mintz, who recently started working at the pier, said he came up with the idea because it could help save a life. 

The buoy has been attached on the east side of the pier near the post which supports the pier webcam and has a tether.

Fureigh said the tether will allow users to recast the buoy should they miss tossing it near victims in the water.

So far this year one person has lost their life after entering Gulf water near the pier to rescue others.

Fureigh hopes this new tool might help prevent future deaths.