Pro-incorporation group claims Commissioner will put Incorporation vote on May 6 Commission agenda

Posted on April 30, 2024 by Romi White

Navarre residents who do not want incorporation were caught off guard this morning after a local pro-incorporation group announced that District 4 Commissioner Ray Eddington plans to add an item on the May 6 Commission meeting agenda to discuss placing a non-binding incorporation referendum. called a straw poll, on the November 5 General Election ballot.

The move came after Eddington on Saturday, April 27 attended a meeting which was led by an individual known to be a member of Preserve Navarre. 

“Our District 4 County Commissioner has assured us that Navarre’s incorporation will be an agenda item during the county meeting on Monday, May 6th,” stated Wes Siler, director of Preserve Navarre, a pro-incorporation group. Siler went on to stated that Florida House District 3 Representative Joel Rudman has requested a vote on Navarre’s incorporation on this year’s November 5 ballot.

Debbie Gunnoe, who leads the anti-incorporation effort, said she immediately phoned Eddington. “I told him he needs to pull the agenda item until he gets to other group to sit down and talk to him. He’s only talked to Preserve Navarre, so hopefully he will pull that agenda item until that discussion can be done.”

Previous efforts to incorporate Navarre have failed. Historically, before approving placement of an incorporation referendum to the ballot, the Board of County Commissioners have required signed petitions, demonstrating the community supports taking such a vote.

Eddington may be reached at 850-977-3598 or

Rudman may be reached at 850-642-0777 or