Raiders dominate military academy nods

Posted on January 23, 2018 by Staff reports

U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz today surprised five Navarre High School students, announcing their nominations to U.S. military academies. Pictured left to right are: Xavier Allen (West Point), Amanda Teichner (U.S. Naval Academy), Shaun Parcher (U.S. Naval Academy) Seth Ivanoff (U.S. Air Force Academy) and Taro Yamaguachi (U.S. Air Force Academy)

Congratulations to Navarre High School and Principal Brian Noack for having the highest student military appointment ratio per student population, according to U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz on Tuesday surprised the following students on Tuesday with news that they were chosen to be nominated by him for an appointment to a U.S. service academy:

Xavier Allen (West Point) is a senior at Navarre High School and the son of Shauna and Willie Allen. Mr. Allen has the goal of going to West Point and becoming an officer in the United States Army. He intends to take full advantage of the opportunities West Point can provide in order to serve his country.

Amanda Teichner (U.S. Naval Academy) is the daughter of Adam and Julie Teichner. Miss Teichner is currently attending Navarre High School with the goal of attending The United States Naval Academy. Being a part of a family with extensive military history, Miss Teichner hopes to accomplish the dream of becoming an officer that began in 8th grade after a visit to the Naval Museum.

Shaun Parcher (U.S. Naval Academy) is the son of David and Joan Parcher. He currently attends Navarre High School and has high hopes to continue his education at the United States Naval Academy. His father, being a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force reserve, has helped inspire him to become an officer.

Seth Ivanoff (U.S. Air Force Academy) is the son of Jeff Ivanoff and Sharon Lingad and currently attends Navarre High School and has hopes to attend the United States Air Force Academy. Having had both grandfathers serve in the armed forces, he hopes to follow their example and sharpen his leadership skills at the Academy in order to have a successful career in the Air Force. Seth’s grandfather George R. Ivanoff was a Navy submariner and merchant marine.

Taro Yamaguchi (U.S. Air Force Academy) is the son of Troy and Tammy Yamaguchi. He currently attends Navarre High School and has hopes to go on to The Air Force Academy and follow in the footsteps of serving his country as his father and both his grandfathers did. Motivated by his commitment to his country, he wishes to protect the freedoms he knows are not free.

Additionally, Gaetz also announced nominations for students at other area schools, including the following Gulf Breeze High School students who nominated:

Uhl Bio (West Point) is the son of Mat and Lisa Uhl. He currently attends Gulf Breeze High School and has hopes of attending West Point. Mr.Uhl wishes to be a solider after his spending his whole life looking up to the men and women who have served their county.

Matthew Hawkins (West point and Merchant Marine) is the son of Bradley and Jennifer Hawkins, both of whom attended The United States Military Academy. Mr. Hawkins currently attends Gulf Breeze High School. Growing up around parents who have served, Mr. Hawkins has been witness to the commitment and the honor of being an officer. He has hopes to follow in his parents footsteps and make not only them, but his country proud.

Members of Congress are authorized by law to nominate candidates for appointment to four U.S. service academies. These schools are the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Air Force Academy, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. The fifth service academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, does not require a congressional nomination for appointment.

These institutions prepare college-age Americans to be officers of the U.S. uniformed services. Upon graduation, service academy graduates are commissioned as officers in the active or reserve components of the military or merchant marine for a minimum of five years.

Last year, 83 students sought nomination from Congressman Gaetz for a military academy. Each student was evaluated based on their academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, leadership skills, physical aptitude, letters of recommendation, character and motivation and compared with other applicants. Congressman Gaetz can make up to ten nominations per academy. The service academies will pick one of the ten nominations.