REC Member escorted by police from Milton Council Meeting after refusing to stop talking

Posted on April 10, 2024 by Romi White

Pam Mitchell, a member of the Santa Rosa County Republican Executive Committee, was escorted by police from last night’s Milton City Council meeting after repeatedly disrupting council discussion during a vote to remove Councilman Mike Cusack as chairman of the Finance Committee.

Tuesday’s vote to remove Cusack resulted from a Florida Commission on Ethics investigation report which led to a $1,500 fine for the Council member, who admitted unlawfully disclosing confidential proposed salary information to former city manager Scott Collins.

“He’s let the public down. He’s let the City down. So I don’t believe he should be on Finance,” said Councilman Jeff Snow, who said he thinks Cusack should resign.

City Attorney Alex Andrade pointed out the Commission on Ethics’ investigation also noted Cusack has failed to comply with Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law by not providing a full record of his communications with Collins.

Mitchell, who lost a 2018 bid to serve on the council, attempted to insert herself into Council discussion. “Well I think there’s a problem here,” she said.

Mayor Pro Tem Casey Powell advised Mitchell there was no public input.

“This wasn’t addressed in a public workshop,” Mitchell continued.

Powell noted the matter was added to the council meeting agenda and that Mitchell could not continue to talk.

However, she continued trying to speak, and Powell asked her to sit down, explaining that he understood she was upset.

“Well then come carry me out,” Mitchell replied.

Subsequently, Powell gaveled the meeting and asked Milton Chief of Police Tony Tindell to remove her from chambers.

“This is wrong,” Mitchell continued. “There needs to be a way for us to have redress each time,” Mitchell said.

During last week’s Santa Rosa County’s Town Hall meeting, which was hosted by Commissioner Kerry Smith in East Milton, Mitchell was observed yelling at a fellow District 2 constituent. There was no security at that event.

Additional action taken by the Council on Tuesday included passing resolutions stating Mayor Heather Lindsay, who was absent from the meeting, committed perjury and abused her position. Subsequently, complaints will be filed against her with Florida Attorney General and Commission on Ethics.