Sand available to Santa Rosa residents on first-come, first-served basis

Posted on October 5, 2020 by Staff reports

Ahead of Tropical Storm Delta’s predicted landfall Friday as a Category 2 hurricane on the northern Gulf Coast, Santa Rosa County Emergency Management is issuing storm preparedness tips and making sand available for sand bags.

Changes in the track forecast are possible over the next couple of days as Delta interacts with Gamma and then interacts with a cold front and turns Northeast. Tropical Storm Gamma will not have direct impacts to the state through the end of the week, if at all. It may be absorbed into Tropical Storm Delta over the Gulf of Mexico mid-week, per Santa Rosa County Emergency Management.

Regardless, in advance of landfall, the county is making sand available for residents to get prepared.

Sandbags for purchase at most local hardware stores. Residents should bring their own sandbags and shovel. Sand for sandbags is available on a first-come, first-served basis at the following locations:

  • The corner of Leisure St. and Citrus Dr. in Navarre
  • Tiger Point Park in Gulf Breeze
  • Pace Fire-Rescue in Pace
  • The corner of Pine Forest Rd. and Carroll Rd. in Milton

Crews will continue to monitor and replenish sand as weather permits. For more information on how to make and use sandbags, visit the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (

Emergency Management Officials remind residents to stay informed and sign up for emergency alerts at Additionally, weather apps can be downloaded onto smartphones to aid citizens in receiving weather warnings.

– For current weather alerts, visit

Visit for evacuation zone information. Please note that Facebook is not rendering that link correctly on some computers and you may have to use this link instead:…/Informat…/index.html…

For the latest information on Tropical Weather visit the following link: Florida Division of Emergency Management: